The Dr. Whodunit site is live.

At long last, the site, (aka Dr. Whodunit) is live with the posting of two audiobooks – The Chase of the Golden Plates and Pugh & Tress Times Two. It’s been a year of hard work to get to today.

The Chase of the Golden Plates is a modern retelling of the Jacques Futrelle novel of the same name originally published in 1906. It’s been updated to 1933 in modern English and we’ve thrown in a new twist – A Challenge to the Armchair Detective. It’s about a burglary that took place at a masquerade ball. It introduces the reader / listener to Professor A.S.F.X Van Dusen, otherwise known as The Thinking Machine. It’s a “whodunit” in the style of some of the great authors of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

Pugh & Tress Times Two is a pair of short stories about two of old friends who are rival collectors of curious objects. The original stories were written by Richard Marsh and were published in 1898 and have also been updated into modern English. The Pugh & Tress stories prove that not every mystery involves a crime.

Our plan for the site is to bring The Golden Age of Detective Fiction back for the listener’s enjoyment at very reasonable prices in comparison to the average audiobook. To learn more about where we’re going and what we’re doing, go to What’s It All About.


Mark Bielecki aka Dr. Whodunit