How to become an audiobook narrator – Part 4 – Visual Editing

Once you’ve completed the automated post process, you’ll notice that some sounds, sounds that weren’t audible before, are now in your recording. They are typically breath sounds and voice clicks. Breath sounds happen because you have to breathe (Duh!) during the recording process. Clicks, or mouth clicks are faint noises such as saliva bubbles popping in your mouth, or lip smacks. Both are annoying and have to be removed from the recording.

The most efficient way to silence (eliminate) these unwanted sounds is visually. Your DAW software will display a waveform diagram which illustrates the loudness in decibels of the recording. By listening to the recording through a professional set of headphones, you’ll hear the breath sounds and clicks, see where they are, and silence them. It’s a time consuming process, but very necessary to make a professional grade recording. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready for final review.

Coming next – How to be an audiobook narrator – Part #5 – Final review.