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Does every mystery story have to involve a crime?

There are literally thousands of mysteries, thrillers, and techno-thrillers on the market today. By far, most involve a crime, most notably murder. There are some that add treason, kidnapping and theft to the mix. Most of the time, A killed B and we want to find out who A is and why they did it. Does it have to be that way. Dr. Whodunit says “Not always”.

Here’s an example. On the Dr. Whodunit website a book entitled “Pugh & Tress Times Two” details two mysteries that are not crimes, but quite interesting none the less. Pugh & Tress are “Collectors” of interesting things – and the mysteries surrounding them. In “The Box”, Tress unravels the mystery of an un-openable box. In “The Pipe” decipher the mystery of a craft pipe which seems to have unusual powers. The package comes with both .pdf and AudioBook files. Take a minute  and check it out.

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