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A More Modern Whodunit

The Golden Age of Whodunits was between 1840 & 1941. Have there been any since then? Yes, but not too many.

One of my favorites is The Burglar series by Lawrence Block. The main character is Bernard Grimes Rhodenbarr – Bernie – who is ostensibly a bookstore owner in Manhattan. That’s his avocation – his hobby if you will. His vocation is Burglary. Nothing thrills Bernie more than being in someone else’s home helping himself to the valuables.

Of course, things don’t always go smoothly, bad things happen and Bernie gets blamed for it, even though he didn’t do it. It’s up to Bernie to solve the mystery and clear his name – again.

With strong supporting characters – Carolyn Keiser, his best friend and dog walker and NYPD Detective Ray Kirschmann – the best detective money can buy – The stories are extremely enjoyable. What’s even better – they are available free at many public libraries. Enjoy!

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