WHA-CKED – White House Attorney-Counsel Killed

Tucker Cherokee Novels Volume 4

By Jed O’Dea

Audiobook narration by Mark Bielecki

A Deputy White House Counsel is found dead. His death is ruled a suicide. Twenty years later, the love of Tank Alvarez’s life is kidnapped. The ransom: “Investigate and disclose the awful truth about the death of the White House Counsel.” The former First Lady becomes a suspect. Secrets are hard to keep in the incestuous town of Washington, D.C. where there are scoop-driven reporters, loose-lipped Congressional staffers, influence peddlers, and information buyers. Washington is also a place where it is sometimes — maybe all the time — impossible to separate fact from fiction, disinformation from real data, and direct quotes from editorial opinions. WHA-CKED is a fictional story — inspired by a true story — of conspiracy, murder, blackmail, and the abuse of power and money.

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