Toxic Blood

Introducing James Ford

By Sandra Olson

Audiobook narration by Mark Bielecki

High-tech medical dialysis equipment can keep a person alive even after they have reached complete kidney failure; but the process of hemodialysis is complicated. The machines must be set up properly, tested and monitored during the hours-long treatments by skilled staff or the treatment itself can become deadly. Patricia Barker left Massachusetts and the job she loved working in obstetrics to escape the man who was stalking her. She accepts a nursing job in the Bentonville Dialysis Center but no idea how much skill it will require, let alone how dangerous it could be for the patients if she makes a mistake. Brittany Combs, the clinic’s Head Nurse, doesn’t know that the man who was stalking Pat has now decided she is a more appropriate love interest. Her life becomes a tangled and dangerous web as he draws her into his world by threatening her vulnerable patients if she doesn’t give in to his demands. His vicious plot turns deadly hanging her life in the balance.

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