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Periodically, we’ll put a free book or story on this page so you can sample our work. We’ll make it available as a package including an mp3 Audiobook and pdf for the armchair detectives that like to read rather than listen. We hope you enjoy it.

The Chase of the Golden Plates – Chapter 1

The masquerade ball at Seven Oaks, the Stuyvesant estate is the highlight of the society scene in 1933. Everybody who’s anybody is there – in costume, including someone who’s costume is, shall we say, unconventional. A clever crime is committed. The evidence is clear – or so it seems. It will take all of the deductive abilities of Professor A.S.F.X. Van Dusen aka The Thinking Machine to solve this mystery.

This is a “whodunit” in the tradition of Ellery Queen – complete with a Challenge to the Armchair Detective – after all the important clues have been revealed.

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