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What’s it all about?

Today’s mystery reader has likely never heard of Arsene Lupin, Raffles, The Thinking Machine, Dr. Thorndyke, Father Brown, Martin Hewitt, Max Carrados & others. These books have been retired from libraries. They’re just gone – or are they? My mission is to bring these stories to a new generation of mystery fans. Learn More

What’s a Whodunit?

A complex detective story where the main focus is discovering who committed the crime. The reader is given all the clues to solve the mystery in the course of the story… Learn More

Mark Bielecki is a professional narrator of audiobooks. Check out some of his titles.

Dr. Whodunit Blog

Join me for interesting tidbits and factoids about the Golden Age of Detective Fiction as well as announcements of upcoming audiobook projects and the latest on modern adaptations of classic mysteries.

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